Moylan's Insurance COMMERCIAL (2015)


There Is No God And We All Die Alone (2013)

BEST STUDENT FILM San Pedro International Film FestivalSan Pedro CA, USA October 2013

BEST COMEDY Snake Alley Festival of Film Burlington IA, USA June 2014

HONORABLE MENTION Fargo Film Festival Fargo ND, USA March 2014

OFFICIAL SELECTION Portland Film Festival, Bend Independent Film Festival, Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, Eugene International Film Festival, River’s Edge Independent Film Festival, Houston Comedy Festival, Omaha Film Festival 2014, Crossroads Film Festival 2014, Kansas City Film Festival 2014, Maryland Film Festival 2014, Dances With Films 2014, Desert Rocks Film and Music Event 2014, Rome International Film Festival 2014, Breckenridge International Film Festival 2014, Arizona Underground Film Festival 2014, SoCal Film Festival 2014, Carmel International Film Festival 2014, Laughlin International Film Festival 2014, Orlando Film Festival 2014, Young Cuts Film Festival 2014, Rumschpringe Film Festival 2014, SENE Film & Music Festival 2015


Hotel Commedia (2012)

Written before Wes Anderson's masterpiece, "The Grand Budapest Hotel". We'd totally sue, but, we're fine with the compliment.


The Liberal Underground (2017)

A satirical web-series/vlog focusing on the misadventures of the would-be leader of the #Resistance.

Some Sample Episodes:

Check out the Unaffiliate YouTube Channel for more!

High Five porn (2017)

A satirical criticism of our hyper-sexualized media. NSFW, if your work isn't comfortable with high-fives.

Some Sample Episodes:

Short Comedic Scenes

Some short scenes written for client's acting reels. "Sexy Workout" and "Communing" are written and shot in the style of single-cam comedy, while "The Grand Romancer" is written and shot in the style of an indie-film.